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  • Schedule appointments for Listing Agents, Buyers Specialist, Team Leaders, etc.

  • Conduct lead follow-up and nurture leads until appointments are set

  • Prospect for new clients calling on:

    • Expireds/FSBOs

    • Buyers

    • Sphere of Influence

    • Past Clients / Database

    • Just Listed / Just Sold

    • Open Houses

  • Respond to inbound calls and text messages from prospect/s

  • Understand and adhere to local, state, and federal laws regarding real estate brokerage services (client must advise Headbacker)

  • Call past clients and sphere of influence for referrals

  • Practice call scripts at least 2 hours per week

  • Conduct 10 to 20 hours of lead follow-up per week

  • Manage contact database system

  • Attend training/coaching sessions and establish daily role-play partners

  • Track weekly goals to measure lead conversion ratio

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